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AQ Ventures

AQ Ventures

AQV is an arm of Ali-Quantum that lies in the heart of entrepreneurial creativity on the UK University network. With access to exclusive avenues in over 30 universities, we provide grants, seed funding and Series A investment for captivating ideas.

We are the first port of call for many university entrepreneurs and as a result, we get numerous enquiries to listen to various start-up ideas. All ideas must be in line with our investment criteria of a ‘Technology Brokerage’ and all are given an initial review, followed by an opportunity to pitch if we see potential value. After a pitch is heard, we will carry out scrutineering, research and stress testing, before bringing in our own legal and financial strategists to assess the requirements for investment.

Just like our recruitment business, we get there first. As a company, we are heavily involved in business schools and enterprise hubs, placing us at the very grass roots of entrepreneurial activity. In addition to this, our student partners are members of entrepreneurial societies and courses, which enables them to network and hear about new prospects. From our indirect exposure within universities, we come across numerous business ideas with tremendous value that without our support, would never have been realised.
It can be a daunting process having a great idea, then trying to progress to a profitable business. We take a confidential look at your business with no initial cost or commitment. If we can add value, it’s no secret that we look to take equity in the company, however we can propel your business to the next level by connecting you with the right professionals to boost your success.

AQV has a primary fund for grants and seed investments along with a network of value investors able to finance Series A funding. We also have access to a rapid UK marketing platform to propel businesses into growth, along with entry to the North American market via our high profile investors in Silicon Valley.