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What we offer our clients...

Ali-Quantum offer a bespoke service to each one of our clients in order to accurately meet their varying recruitment needs. To achieve this, our team regularly spends time within our client’s organisations to better understand exactly the type of talent they are looking for to grow their business further. By creating strong lasting relationships with all clients, we provide the piece of mind that their recruitment needs are taken care of, allowing them to focus on the core workings of their business.

Our Approach

We take a unique approach to sourcing our talent, having well trained partners on the ground at a selection of top universities across the UK. Such a proactive approach enables us to access talent directly using a number of unique avenues that are not traditionally available to recruitment outfits. By creating strong relationships with students at the university, our partners can gauge not only their academic skill set, but also their personality traits, allowing them to confidently match them with employers to which they are most suited.
We adopt a rigorous approach to screening our candidates to ensure that our client’s time is not wasted interviewing low calibre individuals. This process begins right from the time that students meet our partners who will build a profile of the student and make the decision as to whether they have what it takes to attend one of our on-campus interviews. From here Ali-Quantum will undergo further screening to ensure that candidates meet the detailed requirements as set forth by the client.
After screening a large number of individuals for a certain position, our team will create a shortlist of the best candidates, providing clients with a small group that they are able to quickly interview. The team will also facilitate the scheduling of interviews, ensuring that the entire process is made as convenient as possible for the client.

To find out more about how we can benefit your company, please get in touch with a member of our team who can provide you with one of our client packs. Alternatively click here to see some of our FAQs.